CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004)

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CompTIA Project+

About This Course

CompTIA Project + (2016) certification trains you for basic project management concepts and critical skills such as managing expectations, negotiation, communication, conflict resolution and team building.

Tech-Act’s CompTIA Project+ (2016) training program entails project lifecycle right from initiating to setting it up all throughout implementation, approval and support. The course validates the candidate is skilled enough to execute and complete the projects within the stipulated time and budget.

If you are the one seeking a blooming career in project management, then CompTIA’s Project+ 2016 is for you, as it will arm you with all the needed skills and knowledge to drive your career ahead whilst attaining advanced project management proficiencies.

Who Should Attend This Course

The course is perfect for:

  • Business analysts
  • Project managers and team members

Why This Course

CompTIA’s Project+ 2016 certification course features basic project management principles and soft skills such as negotiation, team building, conflict resolution and managing expectations. Tech-Act’s CompTIA Project+ 2016 covers important objectives.

You will learn:

  • Soft skills to devise and execute IT projects
  • About effective communication, team building
  • Vendor project management
  • About project deliveries
  • Fundamentals of project planning

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Course Objectives
  • Project setup and initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution and coordination
  • Communication and change management
  • Project closure

Course Prerequisites

No formal prerequisites as such, but CompTIA suggests that candidates should have at least a year experience in managing or executing medium or small projects.

Course Benefits

  • Tech-Act is an accredited learning solutions provider for CompTIA
  • The course arms with skills to plan and execute IT projects
  • Learn about effective communication, team building
  • Vendor project management
  • Learn about timely project deliveries
  • Fundamentals of project planning
  • Hands-on training


Project Basics


This section explains CompTIA Project+ is for business professionals who need to assist in coordinating projects or manage small projects. It gives the knowledge and skills required to assist in planning and managing a small-to-medium-size project. It covers project life cycle, steps to ensure appropriate communication, manage resources and stakeholders, and the techniques to maintain project documentation used to support the completion of projects.

Comparing PK0-003 vs PK0-004

This section explains the differences between the two exams (PK0-003 vs PK0-004).

Explain Project Properties

This section covers project properties and the differences between a project and a program. It explains what a project as part of a portfolio is and how it can be beneficial.

Understand Roles and Responsibilities

This section dive into the Roles and Responsibilities covered on CompTIA’s Project+ exam. It explains the essential roles and responsibilities of each title will be an integral part of defying a well-organized Project team.

Distinguish Standard Project Phases

This section covers the Standard Project Phases in a detail such as:

  1. Initiation phase
  2. Planning
  3. Execution and Monitoring phases

Identify Cost Control Basics

This section explains the ways to help your project budget stay on track. It covers the difference between your actual versus planned budget and how that can be beneficial.

Identify Team Organization Structures

This section explains the differences between the different team organizational structures and the associated authority of Project Manager per structure.

Execute and Develop a Project Schedule

This section explains the importance to decomposition, or breaking down the scope into workable components to help estimate duration, allocate resources and assign costs. It also covers how to develop and execute a project schedule.

Identify Agile Methodology Basics

This section explains the basics of Agile Methodology.

Explain Resource Management Roles

This section covers Resource Management. It explains Human, Equipment and Material resources. It also discusses shared or dedicated resources and how to prevent resource shortage and over-allocation of resources.

Project Constraints

Predict Impact of Constraints and Influences

This section covers risk strategies and actives. It demonstrates the tools to help identify and analyze risk.

Explain Risk Strategies and Activities

This section covers risk strategies and activies. It explains the tools to help identify and analyze risk by prioritizing.

Communication Change Management

Use Appropriate Communication Methods

This section covers communication methods that would be best suited for the project.

Analyze Communication Factors

This section explains the factors that may impact communication. Whether it be language barriers or times zones it is important to identify these factors as well as any effects they may have on your project.

Explain Communication Triggers

This section discusses different types of communication triggers for the project foresight.

Use Change Control Process

This section discusses change control processes. It explains the importance of Identification, documentation, impact evaluating and how to properly coordinate the appropriate course of action with our stakeholders.

Recognize Types of Organizational Changes

This section explains the different types of organizational changes companies may face. It discusses certain scenarios with different approaches.

Project Tools Documentation

Compare Project Management Tools

This section covers numerous project management tools such as Gantt, Fishbone, Pareto and Run charts. It also explains SWOT analysis.

Analyze Project Documentation

This section covers project centric documentation. It explains the importance of a Project Charter and various other documents.

Identify Third Party Documents

This section covers common partner or vendor-centric documents. It dicussess specific documents and how to leverage them properly. It explains documents such as formal requests, non disclosure agreements (NDA’s), statement of work (SOW) contacts, memorandum of understanding agreements (MOW’s) and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Schedule & Fees

Online Instructor Led CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004) Certification Training

Please contact us for more information on course fees and upcoming batch schedule.

Course FAQ

Why CompTIA Project+ 2016?

CompTIA’s Project+ 2016 certification covers basic project management concepts and vital soft skills such as team building, negotiation, managing expectations and conflict resolution. Tech-Act’s CompTIA Project+ 2016 covers important objectives required to churn out successful IT projects within the stipulated time and budget.

How will Tech-Act help?

Tech-Act is a proven brand in the IT industry. We assure you that the best and skilled professionals train you. Moreover, ComptTIA Project+ 2016 training coursework is devised keeping in mind a friendly and learning framework to help you acquire the skills seamlessly. The course trains you on all the necessary knowhow needed to churn out successful IT projects. Most importantly, Tech-Act lets you decide the pace of your course offering you learning flexibility.

Who will train me?

Our certified and industry experienced trainers will train you the necessary tips and tricks and ways to handle the different stages of a project’s life cycle right from initiation to setting it up through implementation, approval and closure. Project+ 2016 course is all you need to show your office management that you possess all the requisite project management skills to complete projects. Further, since Tech-Act takes great pride in boasting a proven track record in the IT world, we understand the importance of quality IT training, which fully reflects in our Project+ 2016 certification program. Tech-Act is an authorized and recognized learning solutions partners for CompTIA, EC Council, Red Hat, Project Management Institute and others. In addition, we are a Person Vue Authorized Test Center with both classroom as well as online learning facilities.

What will the course cover?

CompTIA Project+ 2016 course covers:

  • Project setup and initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution and coordination
  • Communication and change management
  • Project closure

What’s the eligibility criteria?

CompTIA Project+ 2016 certification program is ideal for:

  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Project team members



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