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Amazon Certifications Overview

AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers a broad range of global compute, storage, application, cloud, database, deployment and analytics services to help organizations move faster, become agile and scale enterprise applications whilst helping them curb IT expenditures. A subsidiary company of, AWS is one of the leading providers of on-demand cloud solutions and platforms to individuals, businesses and governments on a subscription basis. As of last year i.e. 2017, AWS covered over 90 services spanning across a wide range of technology including IoT (Internet of Things), mobile and developer tools, storage and computing, networking and database, application and analytics services.

AWS provides economical, scalable and robust enterprise IT infrastructure in cloud. It proudly powers thousands of businesses in 150+ countries across the world. With AWS data centers situated in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Australia, Singapore and Japan, businesses operating in diverse sectors continue to reap the benefits of AWS.

The worldwide presence and domination of AWS has triggered the need for AWS certified professionals by companies. AWS certifications help professionals scale and authenticate their cloud skills and knowledge. AWS certifications span from introduction to detailed AWS offerings and services to help you achieve proficiency in identifying key terminologies and concepts across the AWS ecosystem.

AWS Certified SysOps AdministratorAWS Certified SysOps Administrator
The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification course from Tech-Act helps you validate your expertise and skills to operate, manage and deploy scalable enterprise systems on the AWS cloud platform. As a crucial prerequisite to achieving the AWS DevOps Engineer certificate, the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification trains you to move on-premise enterprise apps securely to the AWS platform, manage data flow to-and-from the AWS architecture. The course helps you become an expert in handling the AWS management console and optimizing operational cost thus, driving your knowledge to leverage AWS resources and services in efficiently.

AWS Certified Solutions ArchitectAWS Certified Solutions Architect
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification course is aimed to help professionals understand and learn about the AWS architectural principles and services in a detailed manner. You learn and understand the role of cloud computing in redefining enterprise IT architectures and steps to scale, design and plan AWS cloud projects utilizing industry best practices as validated by Amazon. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification assists one to understand key concepts, best practices and current trends to work diligently with the AWS architecture. It makes a professional industry-ready by validating his/her skills and expertise as a quality AWS professional. Tech-Act offers a fine mix of hands-on experience with live assignments and projects for this AWS certification.

AWS Certified Cloud PractitionerAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification program is directed at individuals, who want to get that competitive edge and skills to work in the AWS cloud architecture. The certification provides a detailed overview about key AWS Cloud services, security, support and pricing. Most importantly, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification program will help individuals to analyze as well as understand the importance and benefit of AWS for both individuals as well as organizations. The coursework revolves around key concepts of AWS cloud to help professionals understand the role of cloud in reshaping the enterprise IT ecosystem and steps to scale as well as monitor AWS Cloud project implementations using best practices as recommended by Amazon.

AWS Certified DeveloperAWS Certified Developer
One of the most preferred AWS certifications among IT professionals and enthusiasts across the world, the AWS Certified Developer program trains a professional to plan, design and deploy scalable cloud solutions and services using AWS best practices and principles. The certification trains professionals on core AWS concepts such as S3, EC2, IAM, DB services, DynamoDB, AWS application services, Route 53, VPC, Lambda, cost and Kinesis management tools, CLI, and AWS security, SDK features. Designed to hone a professional’s expertise to work with AWS whilst preparing the quintessential AWS Developer Examination. Never worked with AWS? No problem, since Tech-Act’s AWS Certified Developer certification program trains to manage AWS development like a pro in no time. No need to have extensive programming experience or prior experience of working with AWS when you pick Tech-Act for your AWS Certified Developer certification.

AWS Certified DevOps EngineerAWS Certified DevOps Engineer
The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification program authenticates a professional’s technical proficiency to manage, operate and provision distributed enterprise aps on the AWS infrastructure. The certification prepares individuals particularly IT engineers and ops developers for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer exam. Further, AWS DevOps Engineer certified professionals enjoy worldwide demand by employers. Tech-Act’s AWS Certified DevOps Engineer program is flexible and easy to understand. Tech-Act walks every professional through key AWS development and operational domains in a systematic manner. We make use of real-life cases and scenarios to help our students design, manage, maintain and automate consistent delivery modules using AWS services and infrastructure.

Amazon Certification FAQ

Why AWS Certifications?

AWS provides cost-efficient, robust and scalable IT infrastructure in cloud powering tons of businesses in more than 150 countries around the world. With data centers located in the U.S., Brazil, Japan, Europe, Singapore and Australia, businesses operating in diverse sectors enjoy the manifold benefits of AWS. This stirs up an inflating demand for AWS certified professionals. For example, an AWS certified solutions architect would earn around $126,000 annually. Also, as the global cloud market is predicted to grow to $ 241 billion by 2025, AWS Certified Cloud experts would be the next hot thing in the employment market.

Benefits of AWS Certification Courses:

  • AWS is deemed as the Gold Standards of Cloud
  • Most valued IT Certifications, globally accepted
  • AWS certified professionals enjoy access to AWS summits and conferences
  • In great demand
  • Better job and career prospects
  • Train professionals to handle complex AWS projects
  • Become a master in cloud domain

How can I become AWS certified?

Tons of IT professionals and students across the globe perceive AWS certifications as the steppingstone for a bright career in the world of cloud and information technology. Here’s a quick rundown to starting your AWS certification journey:

  • Check out the various AWS certifications offered at Tech-Act here
  • Contact us here for a quick enquiry
  • Understand the prerequisites
  • Pick the course
  • Register

How do these certifications work?

After the certification, you enter the elite and esteemed AWS family. Get access to various AWS summits and conferences. Meet like-minded folks and experts. Besides driving your career, AWS certifications offer you once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact and network with industry leaders and thought leaders from the AWS ecosystem.



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