International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)²

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(ISC)² Certifications Overview

SSCPSystems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
Globally acclaimed, the SSCP or Systems Security Certified Practitioner is a popular IT security certification program. It has been proven to be the perfect pick-me-up certification program for honing your cybersecurity and IT security skills particularly if you come from an IT background and possess hands-on experience in IT operations. SSCP serves as the perfect steppingstone to excel in the world of information security.

CISSPCertified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
CISSP is considered as the industry standard in the information security (IS) domain. The certification program teaches you the required skills to define every aspect of information security (IS) including architecture, design, management and controls. Most importantly, CISSP caters as a steppingstone for many professionals in the IT security domain.

CCSPCertified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
The Certified Cloud Security Professional or CCSP course aims to impart knowledge and skills pertaining to cloud infrastructure security, cybersecurity and software. The coursework for CCSP revolves around key cloud computing concepts, cloud security principles, cloud services and cloud architecture. Long story short, a CCSP certification helps you understand cloud architecture, design, applications and security operations. Acclaimed worldwide, CCSP is the industry standard in the world of cloud security.

CAPCertified Authorization Professional (CAP)
The CAP certification program proves your security proficiency within the RMF (Risk Management Framework). It drives the entire security authorization and assessment skills to a whole new level. CAP authenticates your abilities, skills and knowledge to maintain information security systems within the Risk Management Framework.


Why (ISC)² Certification?

With 130,000+ certified experts, (ISC)² aims to empower IT people in cyber and information security domain. It is the first information security (IS) certifying body to meet the requirements of ANSI/ISO/IEC Standard 17024, which is a global benchmark for certifying IT professionals. In fact, several (ISC)² certifications including SSCP, CCSP and CISSP are accredited against this quintessential standard.

How can I become (ISC)² certified?

  • Professionals can take (ISC)² certifications even without the minimum work experience criterion.
  • Decide on the certification you want to enroll
  • Get on with the training mode
  • Understand the necessary requisites
  • Register

How do these certifications work?

When a professional certifies, he/she becomes a member of the esteemed (ISC)² community, which is a leading society of cybersecurity experts and professionals from all over the world. You get to collaborate with world-class thought leaders, network experts and drive your expertise to the next level.



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