Online Instructor Led

Online Instructor Led training is the most convenient learning option which lets you learn from the comfort of your home with our certified and experience faculties.

It is the best way to get the benefit of Classroom training without spending extra time and money in traveling to a class location.

You only need a computer with good internet connection. Once you register for course in this mode, you will get an access to the learning material, online training sessions, labs, etc. through our Learning Management System.

Salient Features and Benefits

  • Save time as no travel required.
  • Save money with affordable class pricing and no travel expenses.
  • Convenience of learning from anywhere.
  • Engage in interactive conversations with the instructors and peers.
  • Exchange ideas for a better learning experience.
  • Training with certified and experienced Faculty.
  • Maximum interaction with Faculty.
  • All time access to labs.
  • Small batch size for best learning outcome.
  • Networking with global IT professionals.
  • Quality course content and other learning materials.

Please write us at for more information.

Online Instructor Led
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