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Pearson VUE Certifications Overview

Pearson VUE is assisting top organizations across the globe, leading Universities and Academic Institution to give access to global certifications in professional and IT segments. Certifications also help in increasing visibility of leaner’s looking to enhance their careers and also validate the skills.

Salient features of our Test Center

Access to Success
Our test center has greater potential to help students, professionals, by providing them opportunity to tests their skills and knowledge by providing professional and IT exams, such as those for Microsoft, IBM, CompTIA, Cisco, Oracle, HP, VMware and many other leading global programs.

Streamlining the experience
From the moment candidates enter our center, you can count on a smooth and reliable process. From quick check-in and exam readiness, through test delivery and quick results processing, count on Pearson VUE’s proven methods and technology.

Smart scheduling — Greater accessibility and flexibility
The advanced registration and scheduling flexibility allows to efficiently manage exam schedules. So if you schedule, you can also reschedule the same before certain time frame allotted.

Highly secure test environments
Pearson VUE’s advanced security measures ensure that candidates test is done in a controlled and secure environment.

World class Infrastructure
We are strongly committed to provide world class infrastructure of testing systems, a fully furnished air-conditioned testing space with all the necessary amenities.

Seamless Experience
Sit in the most comfortable environments with great levels of concentration with absolutely nil noise factor and external disturbances. In case of power failures battery backup provided for seamless experience.

Exam Vouchers

Thinking to appear for Microsoft exam certification? We at Tech-Act, offer OEM Exam Vouchers of Microsoft, Oracle at very competitive prices. These exam vouchers can be purchased ahead of time for less money and it is a great deal as it saves a good amount of money. We offer very competitive prices for Microsoft exam vouchers, Oracle exam vouchers which are relatively lower than the market price guaranteed!

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Sample Practice Test

Before appearing for such important exam you would definitely want to make sure that your preparation is complete. But to achieve success your preparation must include demo test. Therefore, along with the price advantage we also compliment your exam vouchers with a sample free practice test that will help you set the stage and earn the assurance to attempt the exam with full confidence. Taking sample test helps you in identifying knowledge gap, it will perfect your timing, and you can also track your progress. Hence, a demo test always increases your chance of passing the exam with flying colors. In case if you like the sample test, then we have a full version of practice tests available that you can purchase from us at a very economical rates.

Fear of Failure

When we talk about exams like Microsoft and Oracle, the cost of appearing for the exam is exorbitant. Therefore, the fear of failure becomes scarier when you have invested not only your time but also hard earned money. We at Tech-Act provide you with the Microsoft exam vouchers & Oracle exam vouchers discounting options during the buyout which will allow you to gear up at a minimum expense and not bear the full cost of the exam voucher in case things turn south. Your fear of losing valuable money in case of exam failure will be completely erased!


We assist all the test takers throughout the exam process in the best possible manner & we are also a Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center in Navi Mumbai. We will be very glad in assisting you to register your exam on the given day, date, time and location for free on buying the exam voucher from us. Also for any query related to exam or venue we are physically available at C64 TTC Indl Area, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai 400705.

If you are an end user, training institute, a professional or an MNC, our motto is to provide the best service and help you in reaching your goals in IT certification at the lowest possible price.

We are Authorized Pearson Vue Test Center and can schedule your exam at any testing center for free.


Ease at purchase: There is no room for panic as tech-act provides exam vouchers such as Microsoft exam vouchers, Oracle exam vouchers etc. that can be purchased online anytime, and any quantity.

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Flexibility: Exam vouchers can be purchase at the exam level or for specific exam. (Bulk quantity can be purchased at exam level and end users can purchase for specific exam).

Registrations: Users can schedule exams at Pearson VUE test centers using exam vouchers or can use our backend team services for registration for free.

How it works?

  1. Purchase an exam voucher from us at a discounted price as compared to market price or your exam price. All digital payments are accepted.
  2. Receive your voucher in your email within 1-2 business days.
  3. Use the voucher as payment for your exam instead of paying the full price when scheduling your exam over the internet, or at the Authorized Pearson Vue Test Center

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  • Microsoft single attempt exam vouchers with expiry date of 6 months days
  • Microsoft single attempt + 1 retake exam vouchers with expiry date of 1 year.
  • Oracle exam voucher single shot with 6 months expiry date

Please Note

  • All purchases are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • Vouchers are valid till the expiration dates. Expiration dates cannot be extended or changed.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged, replaced, returned or used in combination with other offers.
  • Candidates should redeem their vouchers, or sit for a retake, well before the expiration date.
  • Once a test candidate has obtained a voucher, they should assign it to themselves immediately.
  • The voucher with retake option can only be redeemed for the exact same exam that was used in the first failed attempt. You cannot take a different exam with a retake voucher code.
  • Exam vouchers bought must be used for registration and the exam must be completed on or before the expiration date.

Pearson VUE Certification FAQ

Why Pearson VUE Certification?

Pearson VUE as we know is world’s leading tech giant. Also, Pearson VUE certifications are recognized worldwide. Pearson VUE certifications open doors to a broad spectrum of opportunities in terms of pay, career and growth.

How can I become a Pearson VUE certified professional?

You ought to understand what it takes to become a MS certified expert. Enquire about the education requirements, job outlook, salary, duties, etc.

How do these certifications work?

Pearson VUE certifications are available in three distinct levels demonstrating expertise in the chosen course. You can check out our Pearson VUE certifications’ category to know what’s in store for you.

Why Pearson VUE?

Pearson VUE Corporation undoubtedly is the world’s leading multinational technology organization. IT offers core enterprise and productivity software applications used by a huge number of organizations worldwide. Pearson VUE develops, licenses, manufactures and sells extensively used computer software/applications, personal computers, consumer electronics and services. One can’t image in the IT industry without Pearson VUE, which is unarguably a predominant player in the world of IT.

Pearson VUE certifications are highly regarded in the IT domain that render an edge to your career. A Pearson VUE certified professional not only stands out from the crowd, but also tends to receive a fat paycheck than others.



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