Terms Of Service

General (Applicable to all)

  • Tech-Act follows a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) policy. This helps students practice labs in the evening from the accommodation and after the course using Tech-Act’s Private Cloud. In case you are not able to carry your laptop, please intimate us one week before start of the class so that you can be provided access to machines in the lab.
  • In case a student is not satisfied with the delivery of service, the maximum amount refundable is limited to the course fee. Tech-Act will not be responsible for any consequential losses and will NOT refund airfare, accommodation, food cost, testing cost. Refund is only applicable if the student brings his dissatisfaction to the notice of the management within the FIRST week of start of the training or 20% of the course coverage (whichever is less) AND also ceases to attend classes.
  • Non- submission of feedback forms is taken as confirmation that services were satisfactory.
  • If payment is made by Bank Wire Transfer, bank charges have to be borne by the customer.
  • After joining a training program, if the student wishes to downgrade or leave the training before completion (for any reason), the maximum amount refundable will be the unutilized hotel stay and exam fee after deducting a downgrade fee of US $150.
  • If you request for electronic pre-study material and thereafter decide to cancel the course and seek a refund, cost of study material will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Courseware for most vendors comes in Digital format. If anyone prefers printed courseware, it can be provided at an additional cost.
  • If the fee quoted includes exam fee, we will book the exam on your behalf – cash or voucher will not be provided. Also the request for booking the exam must be received no more than 6 months from the last day of the course. The entitlement to exam is non-transferable.
  • In case of personalized training, if you are able to complete the course in less time, the only cost refundable is the unutilized accommodation. In case you wish to take additional courses during the time saved, you can do so by paying additional charges.
  • Wi-Fi Internet is provided at all training centre’s and Tech-Act managed accommodations on a best effort basis. In case of breakdown of the service for any reason Tech-Act will not be responsible for costs incurred by the student for making alternate arrangements. The free WiFi internet facility is only for web browsing and emails. If you require voice / video chat, VPN, downloading files, which needs more bandwidth, you can rent an internet data card at an additional cost.
  • Overseas credit card payments involve a mark-up of up to 3% due to currency exchange. This is mentioned in Terms and Conditions of every card issuing bank. Tech-Act charges the credit card in USD. When converted into your currency, you can expect to pay approximately 2.5% more due to the mark-up.
  • The deposit is refundable only if request for cancellation is sent at least 7 working days before start of the training, $150 will be deducted as administration charges.
  • Happiness Guarantee is only applicable to training, not for additional services like placement assistance, after-course technical support or labs, accommodation.
  • Tech-Act can assist you in purchasing associated services/goods during your stay at Tech-Act e.g. flights, books, computer peripherals. If you want Tech-Act to pay on your behalf, a surcharge of 10% is applicable.
  • Tech-Act is not responsible in the case of an accident or an injury, whether to you personally or your property during the course of your training. Please ensure that you take all necessary precautions to prevent injury to yourself and your property. Please also have the necessary insurance in place.
  • Tech-Act is not responsible for theft of belongings during your stay in India. Please take necessary precautions.
  • The published prices including accommodation (for the course duration) are subsidized. The cost of accommodation if purchased additionally or separately is substantially more.
  • A student will not make a job offer to an employee of Tech-Act
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to evaluate the usefulness of a course/certification training program before registering. We do not guarantee the appropriateness of a course/certification program for the career of the participant.
  • Refunds or credit notes are only claimable within one year of payment and proof of payment has to be submitted. Beyond one year all claims and credit notes are null and void.
  • Payments not received by due date attract financial charges of 18% per annum.
  • Right of Admission is reserved. In case of disruptive / unreasonable conduct during the course, future courses can be denied. The decision of the Tech-Act Management will be final in such cases.
  • Tech-Act prohibits any kind of Audio and Video recording inside its premises. Only still photography is allowed.
  • Currency exchange rates change on a daily basis. For the convenience of customers, Tech-Act provides fixed price quotes and adheres to it in the event of fall or rise of the currency between the time that a training program is booked and the final payment is made. Likewise, the student is also committed to pay the training fees quoted at the time of booking the course. After booking, changing the fee to a different currency is not permitted.

Online Training

  • In case you are late / leave early for a session in Online Training, there will be no compensatory class
  • In case you are not satisfied and wish to discontinue, you have to inform latest by the 2nd day of training.
  • Distribution of the content of training in any form is prohibited.
  • Though in personalized (1-on-1) online training we allow mutually acceptable rescheduling of classes, the max period for availing a 40 hours training program is 3 weeks.
  • Student is responsible for recording sessions. Tech-Act does not record sessions and thus cannot provide recording post the training session.
  • Maximum 2-sessions can be accommodated against non-attendance/cancellations of a training session by the student as per the confirmed training schedule at time of registration. The rescheduled session will be as per mutual convenience.

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