Six Simple Steps

Step 1 – Choose Course & Format

Tech-Act provides students several technical certifications and training courses to choose from. Our Technical Learning Executives (TLEs) help interested candidates make the right choice using certification road maps, course overviews and choice methodologies recommended by the original certification providers. Students or organizations can also select the learning format within group and individual learning models.

Our partnership team is constantly engaged in expanding our relationships and in becoming authorized partners or resellers of leading course and certification providers. Click here to search and enquire.

  1. What authorized certifications and training are provided by Tech-Act?
  2. What are the learning models and training formats offered?
  3. What is the validity of the qualifications, roadmap of certifications or training programs?

Step 2 – Scheduling & Pricing

Tech-Act provides high quality training and certifications at affordable prices. Depending on the course selected, learning model, training format and the candidate’s time needs our TLEs “Technical Learning Executives will help choose the most suitable schedule available for group learning. Individual learning scheduling is worked out based candidate needs and availability of the trainers.

Pricing for group learning is lower than individual learning due to its natural difference. Tech-Act mission is to ensure that we offer prices that are affordable and best value for candidates.

Candidates can call our Technical Learning Executives team (on our TLE number) or send an email enquiry with their requirements. Our team will call back within 24 hours and also respond via email.

  1. What is the cost of the training programs and what does it include?
  2. What is the cancellation and refund policy?
  3. What is the schedule of the training courses and guidelines regarding changes?

Step 3 – Registration

Once candidates have chosen a course and schedule, they need to register for it. Registration requires the candidate to providing full name, basic profile information, contact information, billing information and some other relevant details. Registration ensures that the candidate’s seat is blocked as per the agreed schedule for the course selected.

Our TLEs (Technical Learning Executives) can register the candidate over a phone call or the candidates can directly register online through the registration page link provided.

  1. Is it possible to change the selected course post registration and what is the process?
  2. In case of group training what is the normal, minimum or maximum batch size?
  3. In case of different formats within individual training – what is the interaction framework with instructors?

Step 4 – Make a Deposit / Payment

It is necessary to secure the registration through a deposit payment. The deposit payment is $ 1000 and it is part of the total fee. The candidate then has to pay the difference towards the balance amount at commencement of training. Various payment methods can be used to make the deposit including credit / debit cards, wire transfers and check payments (for specific corporate requirements only).

If candidate is not able to join the course for any reason and inform us 7 days prior, there is no penalty and the deposit will be fully refunded. Please visit the terms and conditions page for a complete understanding and fees, payments, refunds and general terms of service.

  1. What do the fees paid cover?
  2. Are discount vouchers / coupons from the principal usable?
  3. How are other services (besides training, testing and certification) that are facilitated by Tech-Act charged for?

Step 5 – Setting Up & Logistics

All our training model and formats are delivered on a customized LMS (Learning Management System). On receipt of the deposit payment our process executive team sets up a login and password for the student’s access to the LMS and updates them through a phone call and email.

Depending on the training format chosen other logistical work items are taken care of the Student Helpdesk. This includes support services as requested by the student for travel, visa arrangements lodging, meals, staying convenience, airport pick up, site seeing excursions etc.

  1. Where are the training centers located?
  2. What are the logistics of visiting India and how and what do you facilitate it?
  3. What are the facilities available on site at the training center or at stay place in India?

Step 6 – Be Prepared for Training

Courseware is provided in digital formats by the principal in most cases. If requested sufficiently in advance the physical copies of the courseware can be sent to the student at an extra cost. To be prepared well, it is advisable but not necessary for the student to overview the contents of the program. It is also advisable to login and familiarize oneself with the LMS.

Additional books related to your selected course are available for pre-order. Besides training courseware students can also benefit immensely by understanding and gather greater knowledge about the technical education domain and potential career and job opportunities. Market reports and overviews are available to registered students who are interested to know more.

  1. Are there any pre-course preparatory works I can get help with?
  2. What are the services the student help desk can facilitate?
  3. What are the services provided during or post training completion?


We offer multiple options for payment to clients including

Card Payments

We can accept card payments online or on phone. For online payment visit our payment page, that is a secured payment gateway to pay the requisite amount. Clients can also pay over the phone using the help of our process executive. Keep the following information handy to make card payments. Credit card / debit payments will incur a surcharge of 3%.

  • Card Number
  • Card Type (Visa / MasterCard / Diners)
  • Expiry Date
  • Card Holder’s Name
  • CVV No
  • Passport Copy


For orders from a large company or the government, we can accept a Purchase Order towards your registration. Please write to us with the name of your employer to confirm if a Purchase Order will be acceptable towards your registration. Our process executive will provide you our Paypal Account ID details via email and phone. Post deposit amount the balance amount has to be paid by cash or traveler’s check after arrival in India. Paypal payments will incur a surcharge of 4%.

Payment via Transfer Wise

TransferWise is a peer-to-peer money transfer service. Money transfers with TransferWise are similar to conventional money transfers: the customer chooses a recipient and a currency, the money to be transferred is taken from his or her account, the transferring company charges for the service, and the transferring company gives to the recipient the payment in the chosen country and currency. This intermediary based process avoids costly currency conversion and transfers crossing borders. To make payments using this mode take the following steps

  • Step 1: Go to and register for free to get started.
  • Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to transfer and select currency. Click on Continue. (Transferwise charges a small fee while saving you the bank fees and giving the real exchange rate.)
  • Step 3: Add Recipient by entering details: RECIPIENT NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS
  • Step 4: Add IFSC CODE & BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER, and then press Continue.
  • Step 5: For payment use Swift Code/IBAN no. where applicable.
  • Step 6: Review Details of your Transfer.
  • Step 7: Choose a payment method – Debit/Credit Card OR Bank Transfer.
  • Step 8: Enter Payment details and hit Continue.
  • Step 9: Click on Make the transfer to complete your payment.

Wire Transfers

Our process executive team will provide details of our bank account. Students can wire funds to the account information provided via email. In order to credit the payment to your account, please mention your (or participant’s) name, order id (as provided at the time of registration), course name and start date / month in the remarks column of the Bank Wire document.

Overview of Standard Terms & Conditions


We believe in ethical conduct of business and consider protecting the information exchanged as a central need for all participants. We agree to NDA as maybe requested by corporate clients. Students and Employees also have an NDA as a part of the standard terms of engagement.


Fees include course materials, exam and training services depending on the package selected by the candidates. Discount vouchers are processed if applicable based on our understanding with the principal course publisher. Students need to check at time of registration. We follow of principle of transparency and there are no hidden charges applicable.


We believe in providing de-risked solutions. Our mission is to ensure complete student satisfaction with services they avail from Tech-Act. Hence we have a clear refund policy that defines the boundaries concerning various factors that may lead to need for refunds. These include quality of training, scheduling, facilitation services and others as applicable. The refund policy also covers the refund processing rules.


Our goal with respect to scheduling is to offer adequate structure combined with some flexibility. For group training services students can change the group class based on certain conditions, time limits and availability. For individual training we have a well defined framework for meeting and review schedules. Please see terms and conditions for details.

Facilitation Services

Tech-Act provides add on services with the intent of facilitating the student and enabling him or her to take the training course. These are not our primary services and we offer these to students more as a form of convenience and coordination. A transparent and honest approach ensures that students are always satisfied with the facilitation services and fees associated with it that are provided by Tech-Act. Please see terms and conditions for details.


We have a set of standard terms that ensure that the interests of the client, student and Tech-Act are mutually safe-guarded. They cover a range of subjects that are part of a training organization or service and are followed as a standard practice globally. Please see terms and conditions for details.

Engagement Mind Set

Better Communication

Better communication, better understanding and better results go hand in hand. Our engagement model allows for direct communication with the allotted resource in presence of his manager. This ensures no communication gaps.

Better Resources

Superior selection and screening process, followed by extensive in-house training programs is the founding pillar in our ability to get our customers better resources. Our team of highly educated, experienced & talented human resource managers have a strong track record of ensuring low attrition rates and maintaining a highly motivate workforce.

Better Collaboration

Team work – works better than individual efforts. This is all the more true in the technology domain where knowledge is the differentiator. Collaboration is a basic necessity for successful project execution. Our collaborative delivery platform leverages collective knowledge of our human capital to proactively overcome challenges, in the proven and effective way.


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