EC-Council Certifications

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EC-Council Certifications Overview

EC-Council certification programs validate the needed expertise and skills in the domain of IT security. As cybercrimes continue to evolve at breakneck speed, businesses all over the world are looking out for certified and well-trained IT security experts to tackle this growing menace of hackers, security threats and malicious attacks. EC-Council certification programs authenticate a professional’s real-world qualifications and skills required in today’s computer or information security landscape including penetration testing, network security, computer forensics, ethical hacking, etc.

Some of the salient and widely famous EC-Council certifications are as follows:

a-plusComputer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
One of the most sought after EC-Council certifications, CHFI course trains you to spearhead cyber investigations and incident response using groundbreaking cyber forensic principles and concepts. The training is all about identifying cyberattacks and preventing their onset. You also learn to run the necessary audits post a cyberattack.

a-plusCertified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
EC-Council’s CEH v10 training program authenticates an IT security professional as a Penetration Tester & Ethical Hacker in the IT landscape. This training emphasizes on imparting skills & techniques to work as an ethical hacker to safeguard the vulnerabilities & weaknesses of network infra as well as to tackle illegal/unethical hacking.

a-plusCertified Incident Handler (ECIH)
EC-Council’s Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) course offers professionals with industry grade validation as incident handler, risk administrator, penetration tester, forensic investigator, etc. The training is developed to provide essential skills required to handle and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

a-plusCertified Encryption Specialist (ECES)
The ECES certification is designed to equip professionals with an all-inclusive set of expertise and skills in network security, information security and computer forensics. Professionals will also learn about various principles to address threats, hacking cycle, ethical hacking, intrusion detection, malware/viruses, etc.

a-plusCertified Network Defender (CND)
The CND training program focuses to create and develop network admins trained to respond, detect and protect threats on a network. It familiarizes you with key network components, network topology, security policy, traffic, utilization, performance, location of a network, etc.

EC-Council Certification FAQ

Why EC-Council Certification?

Acclaimed worldwide, EC-Council certifications open up the doors for a plethora of emerging career opportunities in the information security landscape. Most importantly, EC-Council certified professionals stand great chance to work in some of the biggest organizations in the world such as Microsoft, United Nations, FBI, US Army, etc.

How can I become a EC-Council certified professional?

EC-Council certification courses are enterprise-grade credentials that help to drive your career in the information/computer and network security ecosystem. Whether you are aiming to grab that dream job of ethical hacker or wish to drive your career ahead, EC-Council certifications help with all things ethical hacking.

  • Decide on the certification training you wish to enroll for
  • Get onto the training mode
  • Understand about the necessary requisites for certification exams
  • Register

Choose from core, advanced and expert certification training programs.

How do these certifications work?

EC-Council certifications authenticate the needed skills to excel in the world of information and cyber security. These certifications help you to tackle the burgeoning problem of security threats, hacking malicious attacks. EC-Council certifications validate a professional’s real-world expertise needed in today’s computer or information security landscape including network security, penetration testing, ethical hacking, computer forensics, etc.




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