CompTIA Certifications

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CompTIA Certifications Overview

CompTIA is a leading and global provider of several vendor-neutral IT certifications such as the widely popular Security+, Network+, A+ and others. Most importantly, CompTIA IT certification programs are a boon to entry-level professionals and students in the world of Information Technology. One of the prominent benefits of CompTIA certifications is that they are not confined to a particular technology like VMware, Cisco, Microsoft or other vendor based certification programs. In fact, CompTIA certifications act like a perfect steppingstone for a number of beginners who wish to kick start their career in the IT domain. For more than two decades, CompTIA has been developing training as well as certification programs for cloud, mobility, open source (Linux) development, security, networking, support, etc. CompTIA through its professional IT certification programs, networking events and research work is dedicated to drive the IT landscape on the right foot.

Here’s a quick look at some of the prominent CompTIA certifications:

a-plusCompTia A+
CompTIA’s A+ is an enterprise grade certification that helps professionals establish a career in the IT field. A+ is one of the most sought after qualifying criterion for IT operational and technical support roles.

Network+ from CompTIA is a performance-oriented certification program, which helps to carve a career in the IT landscape. The certification validates hands-on skills required to manage, configure, troubleshoot and manage wireless as well as wired networks/network devices.

CompTIA’s Security+ certification is a globally recognized IT training program that helps validate vendor neutral and foundational security skills and knowledge. The certification program covers all the essential concepts that go into network risk management and security.

Linux+ validates a professional’s foundational knowledge and skills required to manage Linux powered systems and administration. The certification has turned out to be a hot favorite for thousands of IT professionals worldwide.

Project+ certifies a professional’s skills and knowledge required for effective project management. The certification authenticates your ability to support, manage and initiate a project.

Server+ certification from CompTIA validates an IT professional’s ability to maintain, secure and plan a range of servers.

a-plusAdvanced Security Practitioner
The CASP or Advanced Security Practitioner certification is developed keeping in mind the inflating demand for advance level and next-gen enterprise IT security. Perfect for IT professionals, CASP validates a professional with critical thinking abilities that span across a range of security concepts.

cysa-plusCybersecurity Analyst+
Globally accepted, Cybersecurity Analyst+ or CySA+ is a vendor-neutral training program in cybersecurity that trains professionals to apply several behavioral analytics and concepts to improve IT security infrastructure. The course helps validate a professional for critical expertise needed to prevent, counter-attack and identify cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities in an enterprise IT ecosystem.

Cloud+ from CompTIA is a globally recognized certification training that helps validate professionals for critical knowledge and skills required to work in a cloud environment. It helps understand cloud implementation terminologies and principles, cloud applications, cloud security, etc.

it-fundamentalsIT Fundamentals
The IT Fundamentals certification program validates a professional’s expertise and skills about the IT ecosystem. It trains you to identify and explain key computer components. Learn to set up workstations that include software installations, troubleshooting, security threats, network connectivity, etc.

CompTIA Certification FAQ

Why CompTIA Certification?

Accepted globally, CompTIA certifications pave way for a range of lucrative career opportunities in the world of IT. One of the biggest differentiators for CompTIA certifications is that they are not confined to a particular technology like Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, etc.

How can I become a CompTIA certified professional?

CompTIA certification programs are industry grade credentials to kick start your career in IT. Irrespective of whether you intend to pursue a certificate to fetch that first dream IT job or wish to boost your career with an advanced training, CompTIA certifications can help with everything.

  • Decide the certification you wish to pursue
  • Start learning followed by training
  • Understand the requisites for certification exams
  • Register

How do these certifications work?

CompTIA runs all its vendor neutral certifications through the Pearson VUE testing centers. Further, CompTIA certification programs align well with the IT cybersecurity and infrastructure career pathways. For example, CompTIA’s core certification courses like the A+ certification program emphasizes on specialized pathway certificates, whereas the add-on certifications cover essential IT expertise such as project management and others.




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