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ITIL Certifications Overview

Since 2013, ITIL is owned by AXELOS, which is a joint venture between the UK Cabinet Office and Capita. AXELOS licenses businesses for using the ITIL intellectual property, authorizes licensed exam institutes and manages the updates to the ITIL framework.

The ITIL certifications offer a modular and detailed approach to the entire ITIL framework and includes a streak of qualifications that focus on various aspects of the ITIL best practices. The tiered qualification structure provides professionals with the much-needed flexibility pertaining to diverse disciplines and aspects of the ITIL.

ITIL certifications are further divided into five levels:

  1. Foundation
    Foundation is the entry level ITIL certification, which provides you with basic awareness pertaining to the core concepts, terminology and elements used in the ITIL framework including links between different lifecycle stages and processes used in service management practices.
  2. Practitioner
    Practitioner is the next level in the ITIL certifications scheme. Developed to bridge the Intermediate and Foundation Level, Practitioner aims to spruce up your ability to work with ITIL framework in an enterprise setting.
  3. Intermediate
    The Intermediate certification level consists of a modular structure wherein each module focuses on IT Service Management. The Intermediate coursework is more detail compared to the Practitioner and Foundation level and offers industry-accredited qualification.
  4. Expert
    ITIL Master level certification is awarded to those, who can justify and explain a range of techniques, methods, principles and knowledge from ITIL management techniques and can achieve the desired business results.
  5. Master
    Earning the Digital Business Transformation certification validates a professional’s understanding of various virtualization concepts and their impact on an organization’s digital goal plan. The certification authenticates that a person is familiar with VMware technologies and products that support VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture and Cloud Foundation solutions including vSAN, NSX, vRealize and vSphere Suite.

FoundationAccredited ITIL Foundation
ITIL Foundation is the most accepted and recognized entry level ITIL accredited certification training for IT people. IT departments today require qualified professionals who are capable of delivering efficient IT services. The training teaches you about ITIL services and its lifecycle, processes involved, best practices to improve IT service management quality to curb costs and boost productivity. Most importantly, ITIL certified experts tend to earn 40% more compared to the non-certified people.

Practitioner ITIL Intermediate – Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
The ITIL Intermediate CSI (Continual Service Improvement) certification validates a professional’s ability to apply and use best practices, techniques, methods and principles of metrics oriented continual improvements in the ITIL framework lifecycle. The ITIL Intermediate Continual Service Improvement certification is one of essentials in ITIL Expert certification training, but it also caters as a self-supporting IT qualification to help you hone your expertise and knowledge in (CSI) continual service improvement and boost your IT career.

ITIL Intermediate – Operational Support and Analysis (OSA)

The ITIL Intermediate OSA or Operational Support and Analysis certification course will help you establish your skills and expertise to apply support analysis and resolution in ITIL service management lifecycle, mainly for request fulfillment, incident management and event management. The ITIL Intermediate Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) certification course is one of the core modules in ITIL Intermediate Capability Stream, which is a pathway to ITIL Expert certificate in IT Service Management whilst preparing the candidate for ITIL OSA exam.

ExpertITIL Intermediate – Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO)
The ITIL Intermediate (PPO) Planning, Protection and Optimization certification program will offer you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you design new service management frameworks and services, technology or tools architecture that meet the user needs and are sustainable. Tech-Act’s ITIL Intermediate PPO certification course prepares professionals to pass the ITIL PPO exam.

Master ITIL Intermediate – Release, Control and Validation
The ITIL Intermediate RCV or Release, Control and Validation certification program trains you to exhibit your skills and knowledge in testing, planning and implementing new services that meet user requirements and organizational objectives. As a core module of ITIL Service Capability Lifecycle, the ITIL Intermediate RCV course focuses on functions, methods, process and concepts used in RCV and IT processes required for achieving operational excellence.

Master ITIL Intermediate – Service Design (SD)
The ITIL Intermediate (SD) Service Design certification program is a key requisite in ITIL Service Lifecycle module designed to train professionals in documentation, policies, processes and architecture of IT service management. The course helps you learn implement, organize and improve the service design in an IT environment as well as helps you prepare for ITIL Master’s and Expert levels. Most importantly, it helps you prepare for the ITIL Intermediate Service Design exam.

Master ITIL Intermediate – Service Offerings and Agreements
ITIL Intermediate Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA) certification program helps you establish a professional’s expertise in creating and managing service offerings basis of organizational requirements. Professionals learn and understand industry best practices to develop, implement and develop consistent improvements for ITIL services lifecycle.

Master ITIL Intermediate – Service Operation
The ITIL Intermediate Service Operation (SO) certification course is one among the prime qualifications within the ITIL Service Lifecycle framework and helps to establish a professional’s expertise to enable repeatable, stable and responsive IT service delivery. ITIL framework is an international quality benchmark for Information Technology professionals across the globe.

Master ITIL Intermediate – Service Strategy
ITIL Intermediate Service Strategy certification program is the core requisite for IT professionals who wish to excel at management-level principles and concepts as well as related activities within the ITIL service strategy.

Master ITIL Intermediate – Service Transition
ITIL Intermediate Service Transition (ST) certification program is one of the key requisites for ITIL Service Lifecycle module training, which helps you maneuver your course as IT expert. The ITIL Intermediate ST certification demonstrates a person’s expertise in practice components, management and process element techniques to develop, test as well as implement services and products.

Master ITIL Managing Across The Lifecycle Exam
ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Certification (MALC) is the last module in the ITIL Service Lifecycle training framework. The ITIL MALC course helps you establish your expertise in integrating service management operations across a wide range of IT practices.

Master ITIL Practitioner
The ITIL Practitioner certification course offers practical knowledge and skills to adapt and adopt ITIL framework, which will in turn support the organization’s objectives. ITIL Practitioner qualification is the next vital post the ITIL Foundation for IT professionals who are through with the basics of ITSM.

ITIL Certification FAQ


Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of well-drafted practices for ITSM (IT service management) and focuses to align IT services and functions with the unique needs of businesses. ITIL describes the various checklists, tasks and processes that can be applied by a business to establish integration with enterprise’s strategy, maintain minimum level competency and deliver value. ITIL is world’s most sought after and adopted framework when it comes to service management.

Benefits of ITIL/AXELOS Certification:

  • Develop industry level competency and skillsets
  • Better paying opportunities
  • Better job prospects
  • Great demand of ITIL certified professionals
  • Gain a professional and systematic approach to best practices
  • Trains you to apply best practices to improve business productivity
  • International benchmarks of quality for people in the IT domain
  • Recognized globally
  • Competitive edge

How can I become ITIL/AXELOS certified?

The ITIL certifications offer a well-integrated approach to the ITIL framework and includes a series of exam certifications that focus on various aspects of best practices to be used in the ITIL framework.

These are five levels of certifications within ITIL certification scheme:

  1. ITIL Foundation Level
  2. ITIL Practitioner Level
  3. ITIL Intermediate Level
  4. ITIL Expert Level
  5. ITIL Master Level

How do these certifications work?

ITIL is one of the widely accepted approaches when it comes to ITSM (IT Service Management), which is used by organizations and individuals around the globe. ITIL offers a unified set of best practices that are drawn from private and public sectors internationally.



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